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Trading Stategy

Check out whether you have good strategy or not!

You have to know, whether you can trust your strategy or not.
If you hit some losses with your strategy, and you will come to this point sooner or later, than you have to know, whether this is a normal behavior of the trading strategy or not.
You need some unique points that tell you the truth about your trading strategy.

  • You have a trading idea? Okay.
  • You have defined your entry points? Good!
  • You know where to exit the trade? Great!
  • You know the statistics about your trading strategy? Excellent!

But you are still not sure whether you have a reliable trading strategy?
You don´t want that your excellent trading strategy turns into a disaster like this one?

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Don´t worry!

  • Learn the tricks that turn an excellent trading strategy into a losing one when you trade with real money.
  • Avoid the obstacles, that trick you develop a strategy
  • Learn the little secrets, that change a losing trading strategy into a winner.

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